Winter Skate Window Kit

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This cute little Winter Skate Window kit can be decorated to match any decor style, see the inspirations examples below! Go traditional or whimsical or whatever your imagination can come up with :)

You can use your Winter Skate Window kit on table tops, shelves, etc.

Kit is meant to be displayed from the front, back is unfinished.

Winter Skate Window measures: 11" high by 5-7/8" wide.

Kit includes seven pieces:

  • Base
  • Window
  • (2) Side window box pieces
  • Front window box piece
  • (2) Ice Skates

Kit is made from 1/4" laser cut birch plywood. There is a masking tape cover on each piece that can be used for a template to cut scrapbook paper, napkins or fabric for your Winter Skate Window kit. 

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