Snowman Winter Vignette Kit(s)

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This adorable Snowman Winter Vignette kit is so versatile! You can rearrange the items so the snowman is peeking out behind the tree, in front of the tree, to the side...however you like! The kit can be painted, stained, decoupaged, and embellished so may ways.

Not only do you get a eight inch Snowman Winter Vignette with three mini real buttonns!!, you also get a mini one, 3-3/4" high for tiered trays, shadowboxes or it can sit on a shelf! So fun to decorate! See photos of different ways I decorated these kits.

Snowman Winter Vignette Kit: 
Full size Fall Vignette kit made from 1/4' unfinished birch plywood and 1/8" pressed wood combination.

  • Measuring 8-1/2" high x 8 wide assembled.
  • One base
  • One snowman head/body
  • Two eyes
  • One "carrot" nose
  • Two arms
  • Two mittens
  • One hat
  • One Winter pine tree
  • One birdhouse with front and back and snowflake "door' (two pieces)
  • One snowflake for embellishment
  • One bird

    AND . . . 
  • One mini Snowman Winter Vignette kit made from 1/8" pressed wood.
    Mini kit includes the same pieces as the larger kit, except for real buttons and eyes (they were just too tiny).
    Measuring 3-3/4" high x 3-1/2"" wide assembled.

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