Mini "Plate" Wreath

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This adorable mini plate wreath makes a great magnet for the fridge or filing cabinet, hang in the middle of a floral wreath, bulletin board or hang right on the wall. Attach the two halves of the wreath form and glue on the squares over the seams to create a six inch wreath. Decorate the little "plates" with napkins, scrapbook paper, paint, stain! However you like. Glue them on one under, one over for a charming look. Add a bow, floral and leaves between plates to complete the look. The design possibilities are endless! I have a few below for examples. I used six plates in my examples with a bow on each, you may want all plates and no bow, therefore I included seven. Use the smaller circle to trace on your paper or napkin for plates with an inner circle design. You will receive instructions with your kit that explains each piece.

Kit includes:

  • One wreath form base
  • Supporting squares to glue to base.
  • Seven plates
  • three risers for plates that go "over" on the wreath form.
  • One circle to trace for inner design plates

 Measures: Wreath form is six inches. Each plate is 2-1/2 inches.

Please allow 3-4 business days prior to ship.