Bicycle and Arbor Kit of the Month

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This adorable Bicycle and Arbor kit is so versatile! The kit can be painted, stained or decoupaged. Add further embellishments to create a magical decor piece!

Not only do you get an eight inch bicycle and arbor kit, you also get a mini one, four inches high for tiered trays, shadowboxes or it can sit on a shelf! See photos of different ways I decorated these kits. Kit comes with assembly instructions.

Bicycle and Arbor  Kit: 
Full size made from 1/4' unfinished birch plywood and 1/8" pressed wood combination.

  • Measuring 7-3/4"" high x 8" wide assembled.
  • One base 
  • One bicycle body
  • One bicycle handle bar
  • One basket (four pieces)
  • One bicycle seat
  • Two wheels
  • One "kick stand"
  • One gear
  • One pedal
  • Two lattice arbor sides
  • Two arbor arches
  • AND . . . 
    • One four inch mini Bicycle and Arbor kit made from 1/8" pressed wood.
      Mini kit includes the same pieces as the larger kit.

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